aboutThe thirties, mom since 2011 and lucky wife, I started my virtual journey at the end of 2014 via Instagram, in which I discovered a passion: photography. I enjoy getting back to nature and its breathtaking sceneries, to share my looks and crushes and to transmit my love for beautiful things. A bit frustrated for not being able to spread myself any more (I’m a big chatterbox) I finally decided to open the borders of my world through the site: second.thought.

Second.thought was an idea of my brother Ben. As I work for the watchmaking industry, the word second emerged quickly. and the second thought, literally eating the second (tic-tac) idea. When you don’t know what to wear, that you are out of ideas, I could be your second option, your second thought. The name was set. Ok, in french, on a pronunciation point of view, you could do better. But on paper the name is pretty. Second.thought was born.

Published pictures, regular exchanges, I got to the game with lots of pleasure. I met incredible people from different continents and got to travel without leaving.

I hope that through my articles you will get a small breath of fresh air, a moment of escape.

I wish you happy reading and embrace you.