• contact lenses

    The new contact lenses Oasys 1-Day by ACUVUE

    Fourteen is a marvelous age, filled with fabulous discoveries and novelties : the first blackheads, the first hair, the first dental braces.. Pure happiness ! Add a thick pair of goggles to that and you are definitely struck off the popular list. Okay. That was more than fifteen years ago. Fortunately, today wearing glasses has become so trendy that even…

  • sophie rinieri

    The Power of Stones from Sophie Rinieri

    When I decided to create my blog early in 2016, it was to share my favorites. Passionate and chatty, I felt the need to speak in depth about my little findings, those that make my life easier, but also the ones that make my heart flutter. Today more than ever, my heart beats wildly and I need to tell you…

  • Ferrari

    A day on board of the Ferrari GTB 488

    When Eileen offered me to test the new Ferrari 488 GTB, I quickly agreed and said it could be a great opportunity. But at this moment I did not realize that I was about to live one of those moments that would remain engraved in my memory forever. Before that, I was always skeptical about the passion that some of…

  • Les Georgettes

    The new acid colors of Les Georgettes

    A couple months ago, after my day at the Baselworld fair I told you about the brand Les Georgettes. Various collections and an easy and playful system of interchangeable leathers on which I could not say more because it was yet to be unveiled. Today I finally have the pleasure to present you their new range which I am sure,…

  • Lifestyle

    Some gift ideas for Mother’s day

    In Switzerland we celebrate the mother’s day on May 14th. This is THE sacred holiday that if you have the misfortune to forget, will be hearing about for the next 365 days (husbands, you have been warned). We do not ask for the moon (even though we would never say no to Chanel), but it should at least mark the…

  • choisir son sac

    How to select a bag?

    My first designer bag dates from the birth of my daughter. I urgently needed a big bag in which I could slip diapers, nursing bottle, pacifier, blanket, spare clothes, bibs, small pots and so on…#livemymomlife. If I tell you that, its because I’ve often been asked the same question : how do you select a bag? For me, it’s really…

  • Beauty

    BTX care – the savior of our lenghts

    This very girly article may change your capillary habits. Thanks to the beautiful Jelena Jova, who opened her salon a few months ago, I will finally be able to share one of my hair reviving secrets with you. Originally chestnut, I get my highlights done about every four weeks. It’s no scoop that the discoloration, straightening, curling and other abuses…

  • Lifestyle

    Nescafé Dolce Gusto

    Each of my days starts the same way : narrow negotiation with my alarm clock, adjustment of the news thread on Insta (it would be stupid to miss the sunsets of yesterday) and launch the so coveted coffee machine. From the day of my independence, the day I left the family nest to stand on my own feet, it’s not…