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The new contact lenses Oasys 1-Day by ACUVUE


contact lensesFourteen is a marvelous age, filled with fabulous discoveries and novelties : the first blackheads, the first hair, the first dental braces.. Pure happiness ! Add a thick pair of goggles to that and you are definitely struck off the popular list. Okay. That was more than fifteen years ago. Fortunately, today wearing glasses has become so trendy that even those who do not need any, wear them « just for fun ».

To my despair, even at 33 years old I am still unable to see myself with glasses. As much as on others I find it the bomb and on my husband super sexy, they look very dorky on me. Yet I had to find a solution because reading subtitles in the cinema or ordering at Ronald’s without glasses, even if I would squint my eyes to the max, when you are short-sighted – you are short-sighted.

Being in the prime of life, I finally opted for contact lenses about eighteen years ago, given they were the only alternative to my glasses. Believe it or not, I lasted a year… The air-conditioning, wind or fatigue dried my eyes. More than ten years after my first attempt, I decided to renew the experience following to the proposal of the brand ACUVUE to test their new extra-thin daily lenses, named Oasys 1-Day (water in the middle of the desert, farewell to dryness, you seize?).

So here I am at the optician for a consultation. After a free and complete test of twenty minutes, I left with five offered pairs that I could wear the following days to make sure that they fit with the curvature of my eye.

contact lenses
At the end of the first day, I had a little headache. Like a kind of oppression at the temples. I must admit that the night before had been short, which can affect the comfort. On the second day, no more discomfort. To be honest, I could have even forgotten about them if it was not for the almost scary sharpness of the scenery. Besides, my husband who has always had problems with his lenses has also let himself be tempted. He who was skeptical had to admit that these contact lenses Oasys 1-Day are particularly discrete once on the eye.

For my part, I have been wearing them for a month and I am delighted! I took them with my on vacations where they saved me more than once! In the sea or when I tried surfing. With all the beatings I got, my glasses would still be in Hawaii…

These are daily lenses, which come in very handy if like me, you alternate contact lenses and glasses. I have tested quite a few and these are really the ones that are the most confortable to wear. And you? Are you rather a lenses or glasses person ? Do not hesitate to share your testimonials in the comments :))

My control was carried out at Spörri Optik in Biel. As for the lenses, do not hesitate to go take a tour here if you want to know more.

contact lenses

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