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When you are a parent, the moments as a couple are often rare. And it’s a real shame, because they are a real breath of oxygen. Not that my role as a mom is a constraint, quite the contrary. But getting your mind off the responsibilities for just a few days makes family moments even more enjoyable.

And it is the Palafitte that offered us these 24 hours out of time.

For the record, the Palafitte was built in 2002 on the north shore of Lake Neuchâtel. It was part of one of the 4 monuments especially created for the National Exhibition. It is the last one on its feet, or rather on pilotis. In fact, this is what makes its uniqueness and incomparable charm, as it is the only hotel on pilotis in Europe. Just that!

When we arrived, we felt like ”at home” right away, but better… The smiling and welcoming staff immediately puts you in the warm ambiance of the place.

What’s more, the foggy weather brings a little mystical and cozy touch that doesn’t displease me. After all, we’ve been living in the fog for several weeks and it’s better doing so here (besides, if there are seasonal subscriptions I’m willing to exchange my modest home against one of those pavilions).

Summum of classiness, we were brought to our room in a cart. So no, I do not bring my entire dressing with me, but difficult to refuse such an escort.

Our room is located on the lake. The bravest can even have a swim thanks to the ladder that is on the private balcony.

Renovated in 2016, the room is superb. The equipment is luxurious and the supplies are as noble as discrete. The room is made with great taste and once the thick front door is closed, relaxation begins. The atmosphere is magnificent and the view on the panorama breathtaking. The bedroom is accessed by a closed corridor which allows you to subtly guess the emplacement of the bathroom. A removable frontage separates the bed from the bathtub in order to offer a peek on at Lake Neuchâtel and a precious luminosity from the bathroom. The room is made up of a sleeping area, a small office, a bathroom, separated toilet and a living room overlooking the terrace.

In the evening we were awaited at the restaurant of the hotel for a meal simmered by the chef David Sauvignet. The menu is varied and adapted to the seasons. The refined cuisine is deliciously prepared with products from the region. A treat for our taste buds as well as for the eyes. The service is fast and efficient. A real moment of pleasure.

We finished the evening with a last Mojiot at the bar, by the light of a chimney fire. Difficult to make it any more romantic…

At the Palafitte, there is also the possibility to have a brunch on Sunday mornings, with a buffet at the limit of indecency! For cons, do not forget to book. The places are very popular.

This article has been the perfect occasion to collaborate with the talented photographer Sven de Almeida who realized the series of shots illustrating our preparation for dinner.



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