Some gift ideas for Mother’s day


mothers day gifts ideasIn Switzerland we celebrate the mother’s day on May 14th. This is THE sacred holiday that if you have the misfortune to forget, will be hearing about for the next 365 days (husbands, you have been warned). We do not ask for the moon (even though we would never say no to Chanel), but it should at least mark the occasion. Because being a mom is to multitask at all times. So to help these gentlemen to not find a way around it, I have selected some gift ideas for you… and since I am rather nice, I even slipped some promo codes here and there…   cord bracelet claverin

Claverin’s bracelet pearls and diamonds // Promo code 10% discount on the entire shop with “SECONDTHOUGHT10”


eternals flowers panamy

Panamy eternals flowers

cardigan repeat cashmere

Repeat Cashmere cardigan // Additional promo code 10% off on the actual 20% discount with “MDAY098” !! Available between 11th and 14th of May !!

candle perfume mothers day

Natural scented candle lemongrass & jasmin // Promo code 10% on the entire shop and offered delivery fees with “second.thought” *available once per person

essential oil

Diffuser of essential oils // Promo code 10% free on the entire shop with “second.thought17”

SPA Royal Savoy // SPA access possible without booking a room. Massage costs 170.-/ 50min

pasta necklace diy

Pasta necklace // Impossible to avoid this traditional child’s gift. Lots of beautiful DIY available if you click on this picture

breakfast mothers day

Last but not least, having a breakfast in bed is always a good idea for mother’s day….

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