My evening ritual :

  • After I cleansed my make up, I apply the Hydralpine tonic, then the anti-aging serum Eternalp  and I finish off with the mattifying cream Inalp. I do not forget the outline of the eyes with a drop of Mielicime serum.

My morning ritual :

  • After my shower I apply the Hydralpine tonic, then the anti fatigue serum Riveralp and finish with the mattifying cream Inalp. And always the Mielicime serum for the eye area.

What I thing after d+7:

  • The packaging is neat. The ergonomic aspect of the products as well. The Riveralp serum is applied with a pipette with also ensures perfect hygiene.
  • Creams and serums are easily applied without leaving a sticky film on the face. They also leave no residues during the allocation of foundation.
  • My skin is more matt and I confess that my facial lines are a bit more relaxed.
  • The smell is very nice. You can sense immediately that these are not aggressive products and the perfume of each elixir comes from its natural components.
  • The prices are affordable, especially if you are looking for a quality product.

The downsides :

  • There’s too many to choose ! You want to test everything immediately.
  • I wish I could have found a body cream without phenoxyethanol.
  • The pearlescent effect of some products is not necessary to me. It is not what I expect from a  so called natural product.
  • Delivery in Switzerland only…

In short, I’m seduced. I think of completing my usual product range with a micellar face wash and a hand cream (which is a real buzz) . I’ll also spread the word and will not hesitate to offer a box to my family and friends when the opportunity arises.

If you would like more information, it’s on the site that it happens.

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