Nescafé Dolce Gusto


Each of my days starts the same way : narrow negotiation with my alarm clock, adjustment of the news thread on Insta (it would be stupid to miss the sunsets of yesterday) and launch the so coveted coffee machine. From the day of my independence, the day I left the family nest to stand on my own feet, it’s not less than five, no even six machines that I had set my sights on. Some may call it excessive consumption, while others like me for instance, will call it the sense for style. Besides, it keeps the commerce alive! This also allows me to have a super objective opinion on the new Eclipse of NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto that totally mesmerized me upon discovering it a couple of months ago. A futuristic machine, which comes to life with a single touch (because this little marvel is tactile). Its sleek and round shape gives it a unique and design look. No more apparent water tank and an automatic opening that stunned me to the point of releasing an admiring wow that almost made me look foolish.

What about the taste of the coffee though ?

In test, three new Morning Coffees varieties : Preludio, Incarom Latte and Catuai do Brasil.

The first one is an XL coffee, everything I like, in which I add a drop of milk. This blend of South American arabicas and robusta from Southeast Asia (that knocks you for six, doesn’t it ?), reveals a caramel base, born of its long roasting that brings a delicious aroma subtly enhanced by a note of red fruits.

The second one, Incarom Latte, is a real step backward. The coffee of our grandmothers makes a strong comeback in the shape of a capsule, giving us the strength of the coffee and the sweetness of the chicory. In addition to this mixture comes the sweetness and the foam of the milk.

The last one is a real olfactory and gustative journey. Catuai do Brasil (even better when pronounced with the accent) is a refined Espresso and exceptionally rich. This limited edition was created thanks to the meticulous selections of Catuai grains which were then delicately roasted. The exceptional aromas of this coffee are joined by subtle notes of honey and violets. Enough to make us want to dance samba, even at 7:00 am… And let me tell you, to get me to dance before sunrise, you have to get up early.

In the end, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto obviously does not only propose three, but thirty-five varieties of capsules. Moreover, the best part is that you can find them absolutely everywhere! Which can save you a Sunday (especially the one of your husband) when everything is closed… #nescafedolcegusto #dolcegustobreakfast
April 12, 2017

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