Semi-permanent polish


The result is stunning! Ten days after its first application, the it began to come off, because I filed my nails … So, I decided to remove all and promises made by the brand were held: the varnish was easily removed without damaging the nail. How to apply, the answer is below:

1.Polish the nail surface with the file supplied in the kit

2. Clean nails with soaked cotton provided in the kit too (cleansing pads)

3. Apply the first coat of transparent varnish (rain coat) provided in the kit and put the nail under the UV lamps for    60sec and then do the same with colored varnish. 2 coats are recommended for a covering color and finally apply the final coat of clear varnish (twin coat) included in the kit with a last passage under the lamp for 60 sec

4. The last step is to use soaked cotton to clean the nails (cleansing pads)

Between each layer, the nail polish is sticky. Therefore, avoid touching for not making marks and apply the following layers. To prevent the polish to come off, it is important not to exceed the nail. The first application is a bit tricky and requires a bit of patience. Mine lasted an hour! But the second pose took me ‘only’ 35 minutes. If the varnish is a little tougher on some nails, there is a small elixir that has to be put on the contour of the nail for 5 minutes.

As you have probably noticed, I am absolutely a fan of this kit and can only strongly recommend it.

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