“Diamonds are the girls best friends”


Unlike the colorful pieces of the brand GAS, those of TI SENTO offer a multitude of handmade jewelry without glue. A true work of fine jewelry combined with more affordable materials, allowing to offer jewelry at prices that could not be more accessible.

I was immediately seduced by the simplicity of the Milanese pieces and the precision of the finishing. You see right away that the jewelry is of excellent quality and that they won’t lose their stones after the first weeks.

Like many of us, I’m a fan of assembling thin rings. But the fact of wanting several small rings has its price. Well, nay ! At TI SENTO they know how to get us addicted. It takes an average of CHF 50 for the ring in silver and zircon. Something to play with, change and shift according to our moods.

The long necklaces and bracelets, are also very elegant and timeless. Worn alone to conserve a pure and sophisticated look, or multiple for a more modern and rock look.

What did I tell you? Needless to choose! Both brands will have something to find their place under the christmas tree. All collections are available at L’Ink in Neuchâtel

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