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choisir son sac

How to select a bag?


My first designer bag dates from the birth of my daughter. I urgently needed a big bag in which I could slip diapers, nursing bottle, pacifier, blanket, spare clothes, bibs, small pots and so on…#livemymomlife. If I tell you that, its because I’ve often been asked the same question : how do you select a bag? For me, it’s really the accessory in which I will invest. A quality bag…

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The Backpack


Fashion sometimes reserves us beautiful surprises. Since summer 2016, she decided to bring back the backpack, to the delight of our cervical! The one that was destined to schoolboys decided…



Every month, it’s the same story. I impatiently scrutinize my mail, I wait for the postman, long story short – I’m on edge. Where is it, and especially what does…



You are starting to know me, and for this you probably know that I love Jewelry. I don’t like much costume jewelry unless they really have got something special. The…